About the project

The VSH25 is an experimental biological program of complex effects designed for you to restore your body's resources. Due to this program you can manage your biochemistry: prolong your youth, stay healthy, and stop aging.

Mean life expectancy around the world is 70 years to date. Last years are often accompanied by chronic pain, dementia, and cannot be considered truly prosperous. It's counting down to days.

The official record for life expectancy is only 122 years. But that's not the limit. Thanks to the VSH25, you have a real chance to defeat the stereotype imposed by society and increase your active life to 60-70%, and in the end, eliminate aging altogether. Depending on the personal characteristics, these indicators may be more or less. In addition, progress is affected by the length of time a biological program is used.

The most essential thing is to extend not just life, but a youth. Even if one-third of people do so, the world will completely alter for the better. This figure may be less, or it may grow significantly.

How it works?

The biological program stimulates the central nervous system with specially selected visual and sound signals, having a positive effect on the functional state of the person. Through speakers, computer screens, or VR glasses they are captured by the senses and processed by the brain. This can result in the synthesis of "beneficial" compounds (hormones, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides) and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. VSH25 can also improve physiological and psychological states through epigenetic changes that "turn on" or "off" certain genes.

Users can track the effectiveness of the VSH25 by subjective and objective indicators (through biomarkers in their personal area). These data (impersonal) will form the foundation for the evidence-based scientific experiment.

The VSH25 project will help you learn all about the true mechanisms of aging and disease, you can take full responsibility for your health, you will realize how to pass on longevity to children at the epigenetic level. Much of this work will depend on you, and the VSH25 will be the trigger for the process.

Abolish aging right now!

Other services

Besides the biological program, the following services have been developed that can enhance the effectiveness of VSH25:

  1. "How it works?" - knowledge base on how to use the body's internal resources to cope with loads of problems, slow down aging, radically prolong active life and youth.
  2. The VSH25 Protocol is a list of general recommendations for extending life and youth, the effectiveness of which scientists have proven in human clinical trials.
  3. Psychological practices - visualization courses, meditation, self-hypnosis, auto-training, and other techniques to help use the power of mind for health, life extension, and happiness.
  4. Body Practices — Exercises for the body, breathing techniques from trainers and masters VSH25

Scientists have proven that:

  1. A placebo can work even when a person knows that it’s a placebo.
  2. Placebo is getting more effective than drugs.
  3. Placebo is getting more effective in developed countries.
  4. Many drugs give an effect not very different from placebo, but have side effects.
  5. There are no approved treatment for aging in the world.
  6. As life expectancies rise, so lifespan extends
  7. Optimists live longer and healthier. Sadness and dissatisfaction with life can take up to 13 years (as well as serious illnesses).
  8. Having a sense of purpose may add years to your life.
  9. The expectation of improvement affects the symptoms of the disease.
  10. The age you feel extends lifespan.
  11. Human is able to “turn on” the essential and “turn off” useless genes.
  12. A person can affect 95% of diseases on his own.
  13. Spiritual practices make you feel happy and healthy.
  14. Number and quality of social connections affect life expectancy.
  15. Concentration is an important skill for achieving any goals, including prolonging life and youth.
  16. Habits determine the life of a person and affect the physical and mental state.
  17. Most actions are done unconsciously. Therefore, the formation of good habits can affect 90% of human actions and lead to a qualitative change in life.
  18. Passion for art helps to prolong life by 30%.
  19. Higher conscientiousness may lead to a longer life partially due to lower IL-6.

Scientific publications

Studies and facts proving the idea of ​​the project

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