How does it work?

The human body has great opportunities to deal with loads of diseases, to stop aging, to extend youth and active life. It is easy to take advantage of these opportunities, you just need to know how to do it.

This section provides the option to learn about the latest scientific advances and developments, as well as how to take advantage of them. Through the formation of knowledge about the body processes, a person gets the ability to consciously manage all physiological modifications.


Each of us has an incredible free first-aid kit, which contains the cure for all diseases.


The belief that our destiny is predetermined genetically is now out of date.

The brain and nervous system

The totality of regulatory actions of body structures under the control of a powerful biological computer

Aging and youth

The beginning of old age is imposed by society, and everyone can change this figure


The structure and work of the human body as a whole.


The science of heredity and variability of organisms

The endocrine system

All about the structure and function of the glands of internal secretion, their action on the organism of animals and humans

The immune system

Reliable protection against intrusion: infections, infestations, parasites, microbes.


Our internal laboratory that works continuously and extensively to maintain the life


We are what we eat. How food affects a person's life


Microbes, viruses, bacteria — all the variety of microorganisms that can affect humans and the environment


Essential components of the nutrition, the amount of which is small, but their role for the body is enormous


Energy, illuminating the inner world of man and making the management of mental processes explicit and controllable


Thoughts, feelings, skills, which hidden from consciousness, are an autonomous part of the human psyche

Feelings and emotions

People are not only able to know the reality, but to express a subjective attitude towards it

Awareness, responsibility and ethics

Deep laws of decent human life as an internal choice of each

Auto-suggestion, the power of faith and will power

The psychological impact is really able to change the biological nature of the organism

Positive thinking

Healthy thoughts can change the script of an entire life

Visualization and imagination

How imagination assists happy and long life

3 axis: yourself, people around you and an environment

Human development as individuals, part of society and the world

Social psychology

Person under the rule of society

Digital medicine and new technologies

Терапия будущего. Устройства и приложения для здоровья


The physicists view of life

Complementary medicine

Additional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Colour, light and sounds

Non-verbal impact on the brain and body


Autonomous sensory meridional reaction

The quantum world

Phenomena of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, that manifest at the level of the microcosm, but also has consequences at the level of macrocosm


A universal language on which the book of nature is written


The impact of time on human life


Evolution is a natural biological process that laid the foundations of life.

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