We are what we eat. How food affects a person's life

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How do dietary restrictions affect metabolism and life expectancy?

Fact or Fiction? All Calories Are Created Equal

Linking sustainability to the healthy eating patterns of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans: a modelling study

Low Carbohydrate Diets and Type 2 Diabetes: What is the Latest Evidence?

Nutrigerontology: why we need a new scientific discipline to develop diets and guidelines to reduce the risk of aging‐related diseases

Polyamine-rich food decreases age-associated pathology and mortality in aged mice

Advanced Glycation End Products in Foods and a Practical Guide to Their Reduction in the Diet

Micronutrients and genomic stability: a new paradigm for recommended dietary allowances (RDAs)

Diet, nutrition and telomere length

Current Perspectives on Epigenetic Modifications by Dietary Chemopreventive and Herbal Phytochemicals

Sirt1 improves healthy ageing and protects from metabolic syndrome-associated cancer

Gut microbiota composition correlates with diet and health in the elderly


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