3 axis: yourself, people around you and an environment

The prospect of extending life for a significant period today seems absolutely real. If a person wants to live long and at the same time have time to see, try and learn something else, then he needs to have a sharp mind and good physical shape. The main cause of disease is primarily a way of life, so it’s important to limit yourself from the influence of harmful factors. The person’s responsible for his own health.

Healthy body and healthy mindset

A vivid example of a prosperous long life is the people of Okinawa. They don’t avoid physical exertion and move a lot, don’t feel lonely, eat mostly vegetables, fish and have amazing positive thinking. Therefore, Okinawans are famous for their longevity. Moreover, if someone from the aborigines leaves the island and changes the diet, adopts a completely different way of life, then in the next generations, the life expectancy is significantly reduced, and also heart and cancer diseases develop.

In contrast to the Okinawans, the health of an ordinary person is aggravated by many circumstances. Depression, stress, negative character traits in combination with other dangerous factors, such as bad habits, poor sleep, low activity, even improper breathing, reduce the chances of a long life of at least 40%.

Is there any hope to change the existing reality at least a little? First of all, it depends on a person. In order to embark on the path of positive change, it’s necessary to realize what opportunities actually exist for maintaining the health of the body and mind.

Experts call: you need to start acting. And you can take care of the diet from a small level, quit using substances hazardous to health, develop a culture of going to bed, exercise, solve logical problems, introduce meditative practices into everyday life. Experts believe that only 15 minutes of conscious meditation is enough to improve your psycho-emotional state.  After that, it will be easier to push negative thoughts out of the mind, change the perception of reality and get used to a different life attitude. So the foundation of health is laid for many years to come.

Man and his entourage

Recovery won’t be completely possible if you change your beliefs only for a while.  It’s necessary to support them again and again. Experts believe that it’s impossible for the external environment to remind a person of his past illness, otherwise associative memories may affect physiological functions. So, it’s not recommended for smokers who abstain from cigarettes, to visit the same places where they smoked and be in the company of smokers. An organism accustomed to the procedure will seek to receive its reward, attempting to convince people to try a little bit. Well, if the addiction is truly conquered, then the associative memory will no longer cause the former desire.

The environment of man is great, and its influence is obvious. Family, relatives, friends, colleagues and even unfamiliar people can have an impact. If the relationship is toxic and begins to affect the state of health to such an extent that a headache, feeling of guilt and shame, stress - it’s best to break the bond and get rid of unnecessary control from the outside and experiences.

But this doesn’t mean that you need to be completely isolated. Scientists believe that social isolation only increases the risk of disease. They found that the genes of single and socially protected people are very different from each other, and this affects the immunity.  So, for example, single HIV-infected individuals are more likely to get sick than socially active carriers of the disease.

It’s useful to know here and about the benefits of family life. In a couple, it’s always easier to bear the burden of life, keep house and bring up children, but besides this, married people also live much longer than single people.

It’s important to surround yourself with people who are capable of understanding, attention, sympathy and support, and deepen such social ties that will only increase the level of optimism and happiness - then positive changes won’t take long to wait.

Unsafe environment

The environment can cause serious damage to human health. Bad ecology’s one of the main reasons of illness and early death. Human health is directly dependent on the degree of contamination of air, water, and the ecology of the dwelling and working premises.

Harmful substances that are contained in the atmosphere, can easily penetrate into the human body through the respiratory tract, mucous membranes, the surface of the skin. Smoke, soot, dust and chemical compounds contained in them worsen the general condition of a person: cause poisoning, headaches, high blood pressure, a feeling of weakness, and also contribute to the development of diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, coronary heart disease, cancer and others.

What to do to avoid contaminated air entering the body? It’s important to clean the air.  Modern air purifiers can remove both large particles and microscopic ones - bacteria, viruses, fungi. In addition, an acceptable amount of indoor plants will help clean the air of harmful toxins.

In addition, you need to monitor the quality of water. It often contains bacteria and other pathogens, it may also contain chemicals, such as chlorine. These additives poison the body and increase the risk of developing diseases.

Experts advise installing a filtration system at home for drinking water and the one that goes to cooking. Switching to bottled water won’t be a better alternative, as it can easily be unfiltered.

The way in which a people live and work also affects their health. Many buildings have a high concentration of chemical pollutants. The floor of the building, the materials from which the house is built and the furniture, the floor covering, the electromagnetic radiation of objects and other can affect the state of the body.

All necessary observations and measurements must be made to be sure that the foundation doesn’t emit radioactive gas (for example, radon), and the walls and furniture are not painted with lead paint. In addition, it’s better to place the equipment at such a distance as to minimize the electromagnetic radiation.

All of the above negative factors undoubtedly prevent a person from being healthy and living longer in harmony with the world and with himself. Therefore, it’s important to remember that the basis for a happy life without disease in the first place is the belief in yourself and in your strength. Change the lifestyle of the power of any person, if he’s aware of the responsibility for his own health.    

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